Passion Fruit Syrup – Recipe

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Passion Fruit Syrup
Passion Fruit Syrup

What Is A Passion Fruit?

Passion fruit natively comes from South America, and in Hawaii, it is called lilikoi. It’s a very flavorful tart little fruit that comes from the passionflower, and it can be used in any dessert or other sweet item. I can’t think of any use of passion fruit in savory food. It’s primarily used in desserts and drinks. Passion fruit also has a bit of vitamin C and vitamin A, but that’s kind of it. It just tastes perfect.

Should I Buy Passion Fruit Syrup Or Make It?

Always make your own syrups unless it’s gum syrup, tonic syrup, or orgeat. Gum and orgeat you can make, but it’s just a pain in the butt and tonic I would never make from scratch. Passion fruit syrup is super easy to make, cheaper than buying it, and a much better product.

What Are Passion Fruit Syrup Substitutes?

There are no substitutes for passion fruit syrup as it has such a unique taste. There is no single fruit it tastes like, but if I were to try and recreate it, I would try combining a few flavors. I would try mixing a Meyer Lemon juice, some kiwi juice, and pineapple juice. Again there is nothing like passion fruit but those flavors could get you pretty close.


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Passion Fruit Syrup

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Total time



Easy passion fruit syrup for drinks


  • 200 grams Sugar

  • 100 grams Water

  • 100 grams Passion Fruit Pulp


  • Over low heat combine the water and sugar together and stir till the sugar is dissolved.
  • Add the passion fruit pulp and let the mixture simmer for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Filter the syrup through a mesh strainer and press the juice out of the passion fruit pulp.

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