Dark Simple Syrup | Flavorful Brown Syrup

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Brown Sugar Vs. White Sugar

So believe it or not, white sugar is actually bleached to make it white. Bleaching sugar produces a completely uncolored and clean sweetener that only adds sweetness and no additional flavor. Non bleached, but still refined sugar, will always have a little molasses left behind. Molasses can only be completely removed chemically. Regardless most manufactured sugar is bleached. To produce brown sugar what many companies will do is mix a little extracted molasses back into the bleached refined sugar. Natural, non bleached brown sugars are: turbinado sugar, demerara sugar, muscovado sugar, and piloncillo sugar. These sugars vary in refined-ness and molasses content. All of these will are make dark simple syrup with similar enough taste. Sure there will be some differences but if you can’t find piloncillo or demerara, then turbinado or normal brown sugar will do.


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Dark Simple Syrup | Flavorful Brown Syrup

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A simple brown simple syrup for drinks.


  • 200 grams Brown or other non-bleached sugar

  • 100 grams Water


  • For rich dark simple syrup combine the 200 grams of brown sugar and 100 grams of water in a heat proof container and microwave on high for 30 seconds. Stir to combine
  • Rich dark simple syrup can only be made with hot water. The sugar concentration is too high for room temperature water to dissolve.
  • For standard dark simple syrup combine the 100 grams of sugar and 100 grams of water and simply stir to combine.
  • Standard dark simple syrup can be made with room temperature water.

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