Vintage American Cocktail Mobile App

Vintage American Cocktails is now available in an easy to use mobile app for iPhone and Android. Add the ingredients you have and see what you can make.

5 Different Measurement Units

Easily switch between the most common units to measure drinks in. Whether you prefer metric or USC you can quickly switch between them. Just tap the unit name in the top right corner and switch to a different unit. Units for single serve drinks include:

  • Ounces
  • mLs
  • cLs
  • Shots
  • USC

Get Punch Bowl Volumes For Any Cocktail

The Vintage American Cocktails app also features large volume recipes for every single cocktail. Find out exactly how much booze you will need for a pitcher of margaritas or Singapore slings. Units can be displayed in both USC or metric.

Other Features Include

  • Information and history about every cocktail and the ingredients that make them.
  • Calorie count display that can be turned on or off.
  • Save your favorite cocktails to a list.
  • Cocktails hardware information.
  • Literature and reference information.
  • Add items to a shopping list to use when at the liquor store.
  • Search by both cocktail type and Ingredients.
  • Real photos for every single cocktail and ingredient.

Download Vintage American Cocktails from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Have Fun