Gold Fassionola Syrup Recipe

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Gold Fassionola

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How to make a homemade Gold Fassionola


  • 2 oz 2 Papaya Juice

  • 2 oz 2 Apricot Juice

  • 2 oz 2 Apple Juice

  • 2 oz 2 Pineapple Juice

  • 2 oz 2 Orange Juice

  • 2 oz 2 Guava Juice

  • 12 oz 12 Passion Fruit Juice

  • 3 cups 3 Granulated Sugar

  • 1/2 tsp 1/2 Citric Acid (Flavor Enhancer)


  • Combine all the juices together.
  • Run juice through a jelly bag to remove small particles.
  • In a stovetop pot, over low heat, add the sugar and stir till fully dissolved.
  • Bottle and store it in the refrigerator or in the freezer for long-term storage.

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The History Of Jonathan English Fassionola

Fassionola was a line of tropical syrups made by the San Diego-based Jonathan English company. Jonathan English made Gold, Red, and Green fassionola syrup, each with a unique flavor. The gold was primarily passion fruit flavored, the red was fruit punch, and the green was mainly lime and guava. It is widely rumored that the Jonathan English company went out of business, and it was, but before the company went entirely out of business, it was bought by a new owner. I learned this from a Reddit post. The new owner still makes the classic Jonathan English red, green and gold fassionolas. As of writing this, there is an eBay seller who ships these original fassionolas, and here is the website of the distributor of Johathan English, but it seems distribution is limited to the San Diego area.

It’s not uncommon to find individuals who want fassionola to make their own. I’ve made my own, and it turns out pretty good. Again considering there is no definitive recipe for fassionola, make something fun and tropical. I built my recipes knowing that red is supposed to be fruit punch, gold is passion fruit, and green is lime and guava.

How I Came To This Recipe.

Like any food or drink, there is no single recipe, and most have their own variation. While Johnathan English fassionola was the go-to for most tiki bars back in the day, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your own or that it has to be 100% like Johnathan English. I made this recipe up entirely out of what sounded good while trying to highlight the primary flavor for each color of fassionola. With red fassionola in mind, I looked at the classic Red Hawaiian Punch ingredient list, saw what juices it had listed, and made those the ingredients.

Specific to gold fassionola, I made half the volume passion fruit juice and the other half the a mixture of other tropical juices. The resulting syrup is a beautiful gold color with a complex flavor and a clear passion fruit taste.

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