Leatherneck Cocktail – Frank Farrell’s Original Recipe

Think of this as a green whiskey Margarita. This cocktail gets its name from the strange army fatigue green color it has which is achieved with the use of blue orange liqueur. Like any of the blue orange liqueur cocktails in this app I just use a drop of blue food coloring so I don’t have to actually buy the blue one.

The Leatherneck was invented a little after WWII by former marine Frank Farrell and true to its name, this drink is an ass kicker. It goes now strong and gets the job done.

Leather Neck Cocktail
Leather Neck Cocktail

Leather Neck ingredients:

  • 60 mls (2 oz) Bourbon
  • 30 mls (1 oz) Blue Orange Liqueur
  • 20 mls (2/3 oz) Lime Juice

Combine all ingredients in the shaker and add 1 drop of blue food dye if you do not have blue orange Liqueur. Add ice to the shaker. Vigorously shake the ingredients till the shaker is ice cold and frosted. Strain into glass to remove ice shards.

ABV = 32%

Originated from New York NY, USA

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