Classic Brandy Alexander Cocktail Recipe

No one really knows when this drink was invented, although sources point to it most likely coming about during the early 1900s. What is known is the Brandy Alexander is a later variation of a cocktail called the Alexander, which is a gin based cocktail instead of brandy. Although I think the brandy version is better.

Brandy Alexander Cocktail
Brandy Alexander Cocktail

Brandy Alexander ingredients:

  • 60 mls (2 oz) Brandy
  • 30 mls (1 oz) Dark Chocolate Liqueur
  • 30 mls (1 oz) Heavy Cream

Combine all ingredients in the shaker. Add ice to the shaker. Vigorously shake till the shaker is ice cold and frosted. Strain into glass to remove ice shards.

ABV = 23%

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