Planter’s Punch – Original Mid 1800s Planters Inn Recipe

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Like many cocktails this one’s history is kinda muddy but I’m going to go with early 1800s Planters Inn in South Carolina. Here’s why. The Planters Inn was opened in 1803, many of these old hotels with attached bars had house cocktails, and there is not other mention of it till 1873 in Fun magazine. The one in Fun also just sounds like a not as good watered down daiquiri. Its dark rum, lime juice, sugar and water. Which leads me to my next issue. Like the Mai Tai, this poor cocktails name is just thrown around and slapped on anything. A quick google search will show you everything from bright pink, yellow and orange drinks. I found one that had red wine in it.

So here is my best mildly informed guess. The Planters Inn opened in the early 1800s and made their own signature cocktail. Different bartenders come in and out and add their own twists until the recipe that sticks and saved is the one I have written down. Writer for Fun magazine comes along and needs to write about some cool Caribbean drinks and asks someone. This guy either gives some other previous bartenders version or doesn’t know and basically gives him a daiquiri recipe with dark rum. The article gets published and confusion spreads. Most sources identify the Planters Inn as the creator of this drink and if you go to their website they give you the recipe right there. So I’m sticking with that. The recipe I have here for you is exactly what you would get if you went to their website of ordered one from their bar. Kinda like how there are tons of Mai Tai recipes but if you just open Trader Vics book and look you can find the real one.



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Planter’s Punch – Original Mid 1800s Planters Inn Recipe

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Learn how to make the a Planter’s Punch.


  • 1 oz Orange Juice

  • 1 oz Pineapple Juice

  • 1 tsp Grenadine

  • 1.5 oz Black Rum


  • Combine all ingredients in the shaker. Add ice to the shaker.
  • Shake the ingredients till the shaker is ice cold and frosted.
  • Pour into glass filled with crused ice.


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