Mizuwari Cocktail – AKA The Japanese Highball

Think of this as a beer substitute. I love the taste of beer, but it fucks me up. I get all gassy, bloated, I have really weird poop. It’s not pretty and it messes up my G.I. track for a whole day. The Mizuwari is great because it’s like the best tasting light beer I’ve ever had with none of the poopy side effects. This is one of my top go to drinks at home. It’s really good.

That being said the first time I make this for most people they all tell me its the worst drink they have ever had. Someone once asked me why I gave her a super watered down whiskey and wasted perfectly good scotch. I then told her that this is a super popular drink in Japan and to think of it as a beer substitute, you can drink a few of these, get a light buzz, stay hydrated, and not feel like shit the next day. She then thought about it, took another sip and said “Oh your right, this is actually really good.” With this one it’s all about perspective.

Mizuwari is Japanese for “with water“ and you cut it with soda water or still water. The one cut with soda water is sometimes called a Japanese highball but they are basically the same thing and the name is often used interchangeably. A popular drink for business men going out for the night this one is easy to make won’t waste you at the first bar you hit up. You can try and make this fancy but it shouldn’t be a fancy drink. Also don’t worry about the ratio I provided too much. If its a little too boozy, add some more water. Too little booze, add more then. Just play it by ear and make it the way you like.


Mizuwari Cocktail – AKA The Japanese Highball

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Learn how to make a classic Mizuwari Cocktail.


  • 2 oz Scotch

  • 5 oz Soda Water


  • Fill your serving glass with ice and combine all ingredients except for the soda water in the glass.
  • Stir and combine the ingredients and at the same time chilling the glass.
  • Top off with more ice if you need to.
  • Lastly gently add the soda water to maintain its carbonation and give a couple gentle stirs to mix.

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