Beer Flip Tier List | The Best Beers For Making Flips

Warming beer for making flips is not something everyone has done and most likely are grossed out by the idea of warm beer, but I’m here to change that. I’ve made a few of these and the taste varies greatly based on the beer used… obviously. So this will be a list that I will maintain and continue to update ranking beers as flips. Taste is subjective so this will be beers I like as flips but I think I have a pretty middle of the road taste in beer. So take this list as what it is, one man’s opinion, but I will try and be fair.


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S Rank:

  • Fat Tire
  • Blue Moon

A Rank:

  • Samuel Adam’s Boston Lager
  • Grantler Hell
  • Corona Extra

B Rank:

  • Cali Creamin’
  • Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Kirin

C Rank:

  • Boddingtons
  • Founder’s Dirty Bastard
  • Der Schwarze Bock

D Rank:

  • Kirta

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