Best Beers For Cooking And Hot Ale Flips

Hot Ale Flip
Hot Ale Flip

Warming beer for cooking or making flips is not something everyone has done and most likely is grossed out by the idea of warm beer, but I’m here to change that. I’ve made a few of these, and the taste varies considerably based on the beer used. So this will be a list that I will maintain and continue to update, ranking beers as flips. Taste is subjective, so these will be beers I like heated up that others may not, but I think I have a pretty middle-of-the-road taste in beer. There isn’t a beer on this list that I don’t like cold. This is just my opinion of them heated up. So take this list as what it is, one man’s opinion, but I will try and be fair.

I will be using a traditional toddy rod, or as it is also called a loggerhead, to warm the beers for a constant test. A stove works too, but a toddy rod imparts a slightly toastier final flavor. If you are curious to learn more, check out this fantastic article about early American toddy culture.


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S Rank: (Amazing When Flipped)

  • Fat Tire (nice malty flavor with light sweetness) – Amber Ale (USA)
  • Blue Moon (light and cider-like) – White Wheat Ale (USA)
  • Miller Highlife (light and sweet almost mead-like) – Pale Lager (USA)
  • Ladenburger Weizenbock Hell (beautiful balance of banana, citrus, and spice) – Wheat Bock (Germany)
  • Schwarzbräu Marie Hausbrendel Hell (light and sweet almost mead like) – Pale Lager (Germany)
  • Modelo Negra (nice malty flavor with light sweetness) – Dunkle Lager (Mexico)
  • Kartäuser Doppelbock Dunkel (Clove, banana and spice, kinda Christmas like, really really good) – Doppelbock Dunkel Lager (Germany)
  • Samuel Smith’s Chocolate Stout (Unreal how good this is warmed, like chocolate milk but beer. Honestly, WAY better warmed than cold) – Stout (UK)
  • Hofbräu Hefe Weizen (Really lovely light malty sweetness with a more robust citrus flavor) – Hefeweizen Ale (Germany)
  • Budweiser (Oddly really good heated. Thin maltiness, light sweetness. Thin but great taste. reminded me of a Japanese Highball) – Pale Lager (USA)
  • Zywiec Beer (Thin maltiness, nice flavor, fairly sweet when heated) – Pale Lager (Poland)

A Rank: (Makes A Good Flip)

  • Samuel Adam’s Boston Lager – Amber Lager (USA)
  • Grantler Hell – Pale Lager (Germany)
  • Corona Extra – Pale Lager (Mexico)
  • Stella Artois – Pale Lager (Belgium)
  • Blau Weisse – Hefeweizen Ale (Germany)
  • Wittmann Urhell – Pale Lager (Germany)
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Pale Ale – Pale Ale (USA)
  • Samuel Adams Cold Snap – White Wheat Ale (USA)
  • Flötzinger Bräu Hell – Pale Lager (Germany)
  • Ettl Bräu Teisnacher 1543 – Pale Lager (Germany)
  • Husaren-Trunk – Oktoberfestbier Lager (Germany)
  • Redd’s Hard Apple – Apple Cider (USA)
  • Harp by Guinness – Pale Lager (Ireland)
  • Spaten – Pale Lager (Germany)
  • Kona Big Wave – Pale Ale (USA)
  • Carlsberg – Pilsner Lager (Denmark)
  • Foster’s Lager – Pale Lager (Australia)
  • Sapporo Premium Beer – Pale Lager (Japan)
  • Goose Island Neon Beer Hug – IPA (USA)

B Rank: (Not A Bad Flip But Not Good)

  • Cali Creamin’ – Cream Ale (USA)
  • Newcastle Brown Ale – Brown Ale (UK)
  • Kirin – Pale Lager (Japan)
  • Peroni – Pale Lager (Italy)
  • Zwönitzer Rauchbier – Amber Lager (Germany)
  • Landgang Brauerei – Pilsner Lager (Germany)
  • fürst carl kellerbier – Keller Lager (Germany)
  • Pizza Port Brewing Bacon & Eggs – Imperial Porter (USA)
  • Hoegaarden – White Wheat Ale (Belgium)
  • Beck’s – Pilsner Lager (Germany)
  • Kauzen Pils – Pilsner Lager (Germany)
  • Kurpfalz Bräu Helles – Pale Lager (Germany)
  • Landbrauerei Ludwig Erl – Pale Lager (Germany)
  • Lagunitas IPA – Indian Pale Ale (USA)
  • Herrnbräu Kellerbier – Pale Lager (Germany)
  • Perlenzauber IPA – Indian Pale Ale (Germany)
  • Smithwicks Red Ale – Amber Ale (Ireland)
  • Duvel – Strong Pale Ale (Belgian)
  • Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin – Indian Pale Ale (USA)
  • Foster’s Premium Ale – Bitter Ale (Australia)
  • Coors Light – Pale Lager (USA)
  • Leffe Blonde – Abbey Ale (Belgium)
  • Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout – Stout (UK)
  • Delirium Tremens – Strong Ale (Belgium)
  • Warsteiner Oktoberfest – Marzen lager  (Germany)
  • Taj Mahal – Pale Lager (India)

C Rank: (Not A Good Flipping Beer)

  • Boddingtons – Amber Ale (UK)
  • Founder’s Dirty Bastard – Scotch Ale (USA)
  • Der Schwarze Bock – Bock Lager (Germany)
  • Guinness – Porter/Stout Ale (Ireland)
  • Schlossbrauerei Rheder –  Pilsner Lager (Germany)
  • hoamat weissbier – Hefeweizen Ale (Germany)
  • Lindemans Framboise – Raspberry Lambic (Belgium)
  • Black Butte Porter – Porter Ale (USA)
  • Alms Hell – Pilsner Lager (Germany)
  • Dos Equis – Pale Lager (Mexico)
  • Kona Longboard – Pale Lager (USA)
  • Old Speckled Hen – Pale Ale (UK)
  • Cusqueña – Pale Lager (Peru)
  • Grolsch – Pilsner Lager (Netherlands)
  • Bud Light – Light Lager (USA)
  • Corona Familiar– Pale Lager (Mexico)

D Rank: (Bad, Absolutely Undrinkable When Flipped)

  • Kirta – Dunkelweizen Ale (Germany)
  • New Belgium Accumulation – Indian Pale Ale (USA)
  • Propeller Turbo Prop – Imperial Pilsner Lager (Germany)
  • Wiener Lager –  Vienna Lager (Germany)
  • New Belgium Voodoo Ranger – Imperial IPA (USA)
  • Miller Lite – Pilsner Lager (USA)
  • Pizza Port Itinerary – Indian Pale Ale (USA)
  • Angry Orchard Hard Cider – Apple Cider (USA)
  • Michelob Ultra – Light Lager (USA)
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon – Pale Lager (USA)
  • Elysian Contact Haze – IPA (USA)
  • Goose Island 312– Hefeweizen Ale (USA)

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  1. Beer Snobs says:

    Instant bookmarked! This makes cooking with beer so much easier. I kept mixing it with a terrible pick, that the whole dish unpleasant.

    1. Tomas Curras says:

      Thank you! That means a lot to me. I love cooking with beer too and my goal is to try every single beer I can get my hands on this way and filter out the ones that don’t heat up well. I haven’t updated this post in about a month, so your comment has reinvigorated me to test more beers. Seeing that you know your beer, Is there any information you would add or change about this post?

      1. Beer Snobs says:

        Looking forward to it! Oh man, I’m seriously still learning. The site serves solely as my personal guide as well.

      2. Tomas Curras says:

        It looks very professional. Great job!

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