Black Velvet – Classic Recipe & History

Black Velvet Cocktail
Black Velvet Cocktail

The History Of The Black Velvet.

The Black Velvet was invented in 1861 to mourn the death of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. The black color symbolizes grieving for the dead and Champagne because he was the queen’s husband damnit. Queen Victoria was so heartbroken by his death that she only wore black for the rest of her life from that point on.

What Does The Black Velvet Taste Like?

Oddly this is a delicious drink. Combining a dark ale and sparkling wine is not something I would think of but the two blend so well. Personally, I only really like brut and extra brut sparkling wine, but a Sec is perfect for this cocktail. It ends up tasting almost like a Cola but much better. Brut is good too, but the slight extra sweetness of the sec is nice. But that’s just me. I know others who like the drier taste of the brut better.


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Black Velvet

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Learn how to make the classic Black Velvet cocktail.


  • 3 oz Guinness

  • 3 oz Sparkling Wine


  • Simply combine the ingredients in a chilled serving glass.



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