Classic Spritz Cocktail Recipe

The worst Spritz I ever had was Venice. Naturally being the quintessential cocktail of Venice, I must enjoy one while eating cicchetti by the canals. Unfortunately all of Venice is a tourist trap (It’s still beautiful though) and every spritz I ordered tasted tasted just as bad. I had never actually had a spritz before but before I go on vacation I like to do a little research on any cool bars to seek out or any regional spirts or cocktails to try. So I got multiple spritz’s and they all sucked.

Determined not to let that ruin it for me I googled the recipe when I got home and found the official recipe off their website is pretty spot on. The spritz is a great little drink (If you make it yourself), and garnished with an orange slice and green olive, it makes a nice brunch cocktail.

Spritz Cocktail
Spritz Cocktail

Spritz ingredients:

  • 30 mls (1 oz) Aperol
  • 90 mls (3 oz) Sparkling Wine
  • 30 mls (1 oz) Soda Water

Simply combine the ingredients in the serving glass.

ABV = 8%

Originated from Venice, Italy

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