Matcha Tea – Recipe

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Matcha Tea

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Learn how to make a matcha tea


  • 1/4 tsp 1/4 Matcha Powder

  • 2-3 oz 2-3 Hot Water


  • Technique: Whisking Method
  • Combine matcha powder and hot water in a tea bowl and whisk together till foam forms.
  • Technique: Shaking Method
  • Combine matcha powder and hot water in a BlenderBottle and shake for 10 seconds.

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How Is Matcha Prepared

Matcha is traditionally whisked with hot water till foam forms at the top. A bamboo matcha whisk(chasen) and tea bowl(chawan) can be bought for around $30, and it works well, but I found shaking the drink in either an insulated thermos or plastic shaker bottle works better. The simple BlenderBottle, most people already have made the best matcha, and those only cost $10. Shake the drink as you would a cocktail and enjoy. Alternatively, the whisking method is simple too. Using the bamboo whisk, whisk the matcha in hot water till foam forms, and enjoy.

While traditional matcha is just matcha powder and hot water, mixing it with milk and sweeteners is popular today. Starbucks has a bunch of bright green matcha lattes and Frappuccinos, and many trendy tea stands sell matcha milk teas with boba. These drinks were my first exposure to matcha and personally turned me away from liking it. I thought I didn’t like matcha until I had traditional Japanese-style matcha. If you have never had plain traditional matcha, give it a try.

What Is The Difference Between Drinking Matcha vs Green Tea?

Matcha is generally considered healthier than green tea alone. It has all the same health benefits as regular green tea but at higher levels, since you also consume the tea leaf. There is more caffeine, vitamins E and B, zinc, and L-Theamine. The extra L-Theamine is the most significant benefit of drinking matcha over green tea. L-Theamine provides mental focus and alertness without additional energy. It has the cognitive benefits of a stimulant without being stimulating. Matcha contains around 25mg of L-Thamine, whereas green tea has about 5mg.

Eat Something Before Drinking Matcha

I learned this the hard way, but drinking matcha on an empty stomach first thing in the morning will make you vomit. I don’t eat breakfast. I typically drink a couple of cups of coffee after I wake up and eat around 11 or 12. It’s not for everyone, but It’s how my body works. I tried replacing coffee with matcha one morning, and 30 minutes later, I vomited. I took to Reddit and asked my fellow r/tea folks if this was normal, and the overwhelming response to how I consumed it was yes. Matcha is very high in tannins, and it can be too much for your body to handle on an empty stomach. Mixing matcha into a latte helps, but eating something beforehand is necessary. Please don’t do what I did.

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