The Original Irish Coffee Recipe

This cocktail became a hit in the early 1950s when Stanton Delaplane brought it from Ireland to the United States. He was working at The Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco and after perfecting the recipe this quickly became their signature cocktail.

The Buena Vista Cafe is still open today and they make some of the best Irish Coffees, but be warned, this place is always super full of other people ordering them too.

Irish Coffee Cocktail
Irish Coffee Cocktail


  • 60 mls (2 oz) Irish Whiskey
  • 15 mls (1/2 oz) Simple Syrup
  • 150 mls (5 oz) Coffee
  • 30 mls (1 oz) Heavy Cream


Simply combine the ingredients in warm glass except the heavy cream. Add heavy cream to shaker and shake for around 1 minute to thicken into whipped cream. Float cream on top.

ABV = 9%

Originated from San Francisco CA, USA

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