Blue Lagoon cocktail Recipe

Blue Lagoon

Isn’t this drink super pretty? Its basically a boozy cool blue lemonade. What makes this blue is blue orange liqueur but I wouldn’t buy blue orange liqueur. If you buy the blue one, then you can only use it in blue drinks so to make this I just added one drop of blue food dye to normal orange liqueur.


This cocktail is credited to being invented by Andy MacElhone, son of Harry MacElhone, but I don’t buy that for one second. There is no way this is a French cocktail. First off there is no evidence, that me or it seems anyone else has found, that he created this. Just a lot of people saying that they heard from others that heard from someone else, who read it online that he made it. Second its made with blue orange liqueur and I have never heard of a French cocktail that uses blue orange liqueur. They have Grand Marnier and Cointreau in their backyard, why would they use a cheap gimmick liqueur. Third this is kinda a gimmick drink. Don’t get me wrong its good, but it’s still a gimmick. It’s a flavorless spirit with lemonade and cheap orange liqueur.

A famous bar like Harry’s New York Bar in Paris has a reputation to keep up and this drink does not measure up to that reputation. It lacks a French complexity that cocktails like the Scofflaw, monkey gland or even the French 75 have. It also lacks the clean quality of the Kir or mimosa. Those seem like French cocktails to me but the Blue Lagoon does not.

What seems to me like the most likely origin of this cocktail was a bartender looking to impress a girl (or guy) at the bar and get lucky. It was a probably a bullshit shit story to make it seem exotic. They used vodka and lemonade because those are inoffensive flavors that even non drinks would like. and they used blue orange liqueur just because it made the drink look pretty. That makes a lot more sense to me and seems reasonable. That being said its still a good drink and taste exactly like lemonade.



Blue Lagoon cocktail Recipe

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Learn how to make a Blue Lagoon cocktail.


  • 1 oz Blue Orange Liqueur

  • 2 oz Vodka

  • 5 oz Lemonade


  • Add ice to the serving glass.
  • Combine all the ingredients in the serving glass and if you do not have blue orange liqueur then add 1 drop of blue food dye.
  • Give the drink a few turns to mix and chill.

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