Site and app update 9/18/2021

Vintage American Cocktails app icon

I pushed an update I am super excited about. I added large volume punch and pitcher measurements to the app. I’ve wanted to do this for maybe a year, but I couldn’t find a way to do it that I was happy with, but it hit me the other day how to do it. I came up with a way that I think is super cool, introduces no new possibilities for errors, and is instantly applied to all cocktails, and I did it with only one new variable added to each recipe. Again I am super proud of it and hope you like it.

Site and app update 5/26/2021

Vintage American Cocktails app icon

Every time I finish something on the website or update some type of structure, I learn something new that requires me to go over the whole site and update it again. I keep getting closer to how a recipe website should look and be structured, but I’m sure I am still a ways off. So far, I have tried to improve my SEO, site speed, and how to answer the questions people ask on google about my topics, and now I have just finished adding structured recipe data to all my cocktails. That took forever as I have 200ish cocktails, but I finally finished it, and that should help folks find me on google and bing better. I can see how running a website is a full-time job for people, and I still need to improve the site structure. I didn’t know that I needed to make articles as posts and not pages, so I had to convert all my 200+ pages into posts. That took some time.

So next, I will be working on adding a big Tiki update to my app and website. I know my app lacks in tiki drinks right now because Tiki cocktails and culture are something I’m not the most familiar with. It doesn’t fit the theme of my vintage cocktail app and site, but I will put the effort in to add more recipes and do it well. I’ve been made aware that my garnishes are not the most obvious on the app or site either, so I will update the apps to display garnishes similarly to an ingredient. Those are the significant changes, but here is a complete list of the stuff I plan to address or change.

  1. Add many more tiki cocktails.
  2. Make garnishes look similar to an ingredient in the recipe.
  3. Improve the mixing instructions a bit more too.
  4. Add an ad to the android version similar to the iPhone one.
  5. Add an in app purchase to the android version similar to the iPhone one.
  6. Add calories and a setting page to display calories if the user wants to the android version similar to the iPhone one.

Wish me luck! I’m willing to bet a total of 0 people will read this, lol. I guess it’s just more for me to keep track of my plans and thoughts.