Review Of The Sites First Full Year

I don’t expect anyone to read this, and if you are, you might as well stop because it’s only significant to me. I’m just writing this down, so I have it saved. I smoked too much when I was younger and now have awful memory as an adult. I think I started the site in October, but Google says I registered with them on January 16th, so I will start with that as my actual first organic day. So here are my milestones for my first year on my site.

Site Review:

  • Hit 10,000 page views in early December.
  • I have 230 post.
  • Somewhere in October (I forget) I hit over 100 page views in one day.
  • On December 18th I hit over 200 page views in one day.
  • Over the whole year my average google position was 23 and over the last month my average position is 19.
  • Over the year I had 323k impression and over last month I had 112k impression with a CTR of 1.5%.
  • My most popular post from google was the El Capitan cocktail, which I think is weird and I don’t understand why.
  • My most popular posts overall were the Mai Tai, adios, tom and jerry, prairie oyster, and the el cap. Which makes more sense to me.
  • The website made 14 clams in ads which is sad, but I did get a big ass case of wine and vermouth for free which was really cool and the guy who sent it to me is really nice.
  • learned a ton about SEO and added recipe json data, made the site not look like complete ass and learned a ton about how to make a site. Those were a bunch of first for me.
  • My site has 12 WordPress followers which has no impact on anything but still.
  • added all my post to Pinterest.
  • added affiliate links

Overall it was a ton of work but not bad for my first full year. WordPress tells me for my first year, from oct to EOY of 2020, I had 108 visitors and deleted all my recipes because I made them as pages and not posts (I forgot I did that.) I had to redo the WHOLE site because I fucked it up.

YouTube Review:

  • It is at 68 subscribers
  • I made 18 videos and 20 shorts
  • First video was posted feb 15 and it currently has 49 views (lol)
  • Best performing video was my prairie oyster ̄_(ツ)_/ ̄ with a little over 900 views.
  • 24k impression for the year with a CTR of 5.6% and 16.3k views and a total of 163 watch hours. 80% was shorts so nothing to get excited about and no one really started watching videos till July.

In the last few months, I only recently started putting more effort into YouTube, and it was in July, that I began to figure out what kind of videos I wanted to make. I added Multicam on Oct 24 with the mojito video. I used an external mic, my old phone, and my canon camera for Multicam.

App Review:

  • Added a really cool punch bowl volume feature.
  • put my android app out again
  • I don’t really know how many apple devices have my app as apple keeps that secret but my best guess is around 7k
  • 38 android downloads. Thats stupid. its a good app and from what I can tell pretty bug free. I get a few download but a bunch of un-installs too. I tested crash reports so I know it works and I don’t get any crash reports. I make no money off if so I won’t worry too much. I just wish I knew why and if it is something in my control or not.

Do you know what funny is? The app used to be my baby, but now it’s become a blemish. No growth, a TON of time to update, fix bugs, perform this, and blah, blah. And on top of that, I make almost nothing off it. It’s a black hole. I’m also starting to realize that folks google recipes. if I want to make spaghetti and I forget what spices to use, I google it; I don’t think, “oh, let me go to the App Store and find an Italian food app and go through its whole fucking setup and be stuck with their one recipe.”

I am super proud of the punch bowl volume feature I added. I will pat myself on the back for that. No one, and I mean no one! It has a way to scale drinks the way the app does. One day, it hit me while on the pot how to do it right, so it adjusted for any drink while not being a flat multiplier. It is without a doubt the best drink volume scaler anyone has. No website, app, book, or anything works as well as this one. And it was super simple, works the way ordinary people think, has very little code, and knows how to adjust based on the kind of drink. This one feature is worth more than the rest of the app combined. It took two years for me to figure it out, but it’s great. Too bad no one on android has used it. Apple folks get to use it, though.

My measurement features are the best part of the app for sure. mLs, cLs, shots, ounce, USC, etc., but it makes no money and is a time black hole. The website makes more in a crap month than the app has made in its WHOLE lifetime. I’ve pulled back already, putting so much time into it, and at this point, it’s become a backburner item. I’ll keep it alive because it has some excellent features I can’t recreate on the site, but it gets a small fraction of my time now.

I might make the app 99 cents in the future and take the ad out of it. If you downloaded it, then it is already yours, and you won’t need to get it again, but anyone who gets it for the first time in the future will need to pay 99 cents. The website is free, but if you want the cool special features of the app, that’s 99 cents. That is how a few other recipe sites with apps do it, and I can see why now. The hardcore folks are willing to pay for the app, and the casual users seem to keep using the site anyway. We will see.

Stuff I Tried And Gave Up On:

  • TikTok – tried it. It was not the platform for what I was doing at all. It’s more for getting half-naked and dancing or shock stuff.
  • Instagram – same thing. I tried it, and it is acceptable for photos, and I got a few followers and such, but no money, and what moves on, there are cocktail sculptures. Like not a drink I can reproduce but one painted with flowers on the side, one of a kind exotic things, and wild boutique infusions, drinks that may not taste good but are wild to look at with crazy colors. It’s not about making a solid cocktail or educating but posting pretty photos. I still have it, but it’s on my last page and forgotten.
  • Facebook – is pointless too.
  • I know there are a few others, but I already forgot about them.

Summing It Up

The poor little app, but it is what it is. I can see a path to profitability with the website and am halfway there. (I did the math, and if I can average about 400 page views a day, this whole thing breaks even and pays for itself.) I know what to do to make it grow, and it’s not a black hole for a time like the app. YouTube is a ton of fun. I have found I enjoy making videos, and it’s fun to try and make them better and look more like what is in my mind’s eye. The website and YouTube will be where I focus more of my efforts this coming year, and both have a clear and obtainable path to profitability too.

Site and app update 9/18/2021

I pushed an update I am super excited about. I added large volume punch and pitcher measurements to the app. I’ve wanted to do this for maybe a year, but I couldn’t find a way to do it that I was happy with, but it hit me the other day how to do it. I came up with a way that I think is super cool, introduces no new possibilities for errors, and is instantly applied to all cocktails, and I did it with only one new variable added to each recipe. Again I am super proud of it and hope you like it.

Site and app update 5/26/2021

Every time I finish something on the website or update some type of structure, I learn something new that requires me to go over the whole site and update it again. I keep getting closer to how a recipe website should look and be structured, but I’m sure I am still a ways off. So far, I have tried to improve my SEO, site speed, and how to answer the questions people ask on google about my topics, and now I have just finished adding structured recipe data to all my cocktails. That took forever as I have 200ish cocktails, but I finally finished it, and that should help folks find me on google and bing better. I can see how running a website is a full-time job for people, and I still need to improve the site structure. I didn’t know that I needed to make articles as posts and not pages, so I had to convert all my 200+ pages into posts. That took some time.

So next, I will be working on adding a big Tiki update to my app and website. I know my app lacks in tiki drinks right now because Tiki cocktails and culture are something I’m not the most familiar with. It doesn’t fit the theme of my vintage cocktail app and site, but I will put the effort in to add more recipes and do it well. I’ve been made aware that my garnishes are not the most obvious on the app or site either, so I will update the apps to display garnishes similarly to an ingredient. Those are the significant changes, but here is a complete list of the stuff I plan to address or change.

  1. Add many more tiki cocktails.
  2. Make garnishes look similar to an ingredient in the recipe.
  3. Improve the mixing instructions a bit more too.
  4. Add an ad to the android version similar to the iPhone one.
  5. Add an in app purchase to the android version similar to the iPhone one.
  6. Add calories and a setting page to display calories if the user wants to the android version similar to the iPhone one.

Wish me luck! I’m willing to bet a total of 0 people will read this, lol. I guess it’s just more for me to keep track of my plans and thoughts.